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Jay McGuiness is my suicide note.
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Well, this happened.

The other night at the bar, my sneaky lil friend kelraeatt wandered off. I later found she was getting Dan to sign my birthday card. This is how she said it went down:

She went up to him and asked if he could do her a favor. He said, “Of course.”
“Do you see the girl standing behind me in the green jacket?”
He pointed at me and said, “Her?”
“Well, don’t point!”
“OH!” He dropped his hand.
“We’re here celebrating her birthday and-“
“Oh, I’ll go wish her a happy birthday!”
“Well, it’s not her birthday yet…”
Apparently, he leaned in, intrigued. He was also drunk.
“Could you sign her birthday card?”
“YES!” and he handed her his drink. She gave him a pen but he said, “Oh, no. I’m getting a sharpie. Come with me.”
They both went up to the bar. He read the card, laughed, and asked Dick for a sharpie.
“What’s her name?”
He quickly spelled it out to make sure it was correct. Shortly after he started writing, he stopped and looked at her who was still holding his drink and said, “Don’t drink that!” Okay, Dan.
When he finished, she returned his drink and he handed the card back to her with both sides filled with his note.
“I’m sorry I took up all the space.”
She joked, “…Where am I supposed to sign?”
He grinned, apologized again, and told her she could sign on the back (omg).
She thanked him, said she appreciated it, and we’d see him the next night at the show! Ta-da!

^^ Above is me at my birthday dinner on the 6th, forced to wait until ‘Laughter Lines’ came on the jukebox to open it. Cheesy and perfect.

The card reads:

Sorry for my terrible bubble writing & for monopolising the space on your card.
Loads of love
Dan (from that band Bastille) xx.’


I can feel the draw...

"It’s us five against the world"

Have you seen Argentina yet? [inspired by this]


I have a tendency to expedite information flow by being direct. I often don’t get a pleasant result.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)


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Your power will only grow. There is beauty in it… but also great danger.

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